FREE Modules for Jarda CMS

  • FREE Modules for Jarda CMS

If you want to expand your website to add more functionality, you can use modules. Look here for an overview of available modules.

Install module

Download the module and login in the backend (admin). Use the installer (Extensions >> Extension Installer) to install the module. Empty the caches (Dashboard and Modification).

Language switcher

If you use multiple languages you can easily switch to another language (admin) with the language switcher in the backend.

Modification editor

With this editor you can edit and download the xml files installed via the installer online.


WebP is a free file format for storing images. It uses image compression.

Multisites header / footer

If you have added multiple websites in the system, you can show them in the header and footer of your website

Agree Privacy Policy

Set on the contact page that one must agree to the Privacy Policy, and link to popup with the Privacy information

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